How we work

Grant Acquisition

One of our most popular and cost-effective services.
We have worked with many clients on a contract basis where we identify forthcoming grant opportunities (philanthropic, government) and match those opportunities to client projects, then write and submit applications.

Funds Acquisition

In consultation with clients, we identify non-grant sources of income (philanthropic, corporate) and build relationships and secure funding.

Social Design

We work with clients to create new programs, or review current ones, and help them design modifications or innovations that facilitate financing while maintaining or increasing social impact.


We help clients model an existing project or program as a way of best identifying strengths and weaknesses, and financing pathways.

Grants Planning

We help clients that wish to build or enhance their grants success by providing an analysis and a pathway report or ongoing advisory services.

Social Finance

We help clients identify or originate projects and programs that are suitable for social financing pathways, such as impact investment, and secure funding.


We provide training to client staff about social design and financing eg the discretionary funding landscape, how to improve grants’ success, modelling for impact and sustainability.